Staff Directory

At Paramount, we know that the success of our students depends on the strength of our staff. We’re here to support your child with focused instruction and your family with positive communication.

Kyle Beauchamp

317.671.1229 ext. 6902

Byron Bullock

PE Teacher
317.671.1229 ext.6901

Kiley Bray

Kindergarten Teacher
317.671.1229 ext. 3582

Angie Cazares

FACT Coordinator
317-671-1229 ext.6901

Leanne Clark

3rd Grade Teacher
317.671.1229 ext.7006

Marilyn Contreras

Instructional Assistant / Robotics Coach
317.671.1229 ext. 6901

Adranae Curry

Instructional Assistant
317.671.1229 ext. 6901

Jourdan Dixon

Guidance Counselor
317.671.1229 ext.6909

Abby Day

2nd Grade Teacher
317.671.1229 ext. 3548

Natalie Fiorini

Instructional Assistant
317.671.1229 ext.6901

Cantrell Green

Physical Education Teacher

Katrina Kendall

School Nurse

Natalie Lutz

4th Grade Teacher
317.671.1229 ext.7570

Chantel Massey

Special Education Teacher
317.671.1229 ext.3723

Alyssa Nichols

FACT Liaison
317.671.1229 ext.

Rebecca Norman

5th Grade Teacher
317-671-1229 ext. 7486

Jacqueline Sarowatz

Instructional Assistant

Kendra Scott

Operations Manager
317.671.1229 ext.

Sarah Shaffer

Assistant Principal
317-671-1229 ext. 6902

Julia Tealer

Instructional Assistant
317.671.1229 ext.3723

Meredith Vogel

1st Grade Teacher
317.671.1229 ext.3718

Michael Tolliver

Recovery Coordinator
317.671.1229 ext.6914

Steve Yockey

Dean / Director of Special Programs
317671.1229 ext.6909

Emma Ziegler

Art/Music Teacher
317.671.1229 ext.6901

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